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Honest and unbiased review on BlueParrott B450-XT

BlueParrott B450-XT

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The BlueParrott B450-XT has undergone enhancements to seamlessly match the demands of your dynamic lifestyle. With the newly integrated IP54-rated durability, convenient USB-C charging, and the capability for on-the-go firmware updates, this headset embodies both the essential and advanced features inherent to BlueParrott headsets. These encompass our renowned 96% noise cancellation, the innovative VoiceControl™ technology, and the customizable BlueParrott Button™. Elegantly combining comfort, fit, and exceptional performance, the B450-XT assures an impressive audio experience that harmonizes seamlessly with your active routine.

In today’s consumer landscape, the power of informed decision-making cannot be underestimated. As technology continues to advance, the choices we make in our purchases are increasingly shaped by the experiences and insights shared by others. When it comes to products like the BlueParrott B450-XT headset, unbiased reviews play a pivotal role in guiding us towards a choice that aligns with our needs and expectations.

Key Features of the BlueParrott B450-XT

Facilitate rapid access to your preferred functionalities, including mute, speed dial, Push-to-Talk, and more, putting you in full command of the headset according to your preferences.

While the B450-XT MS BlueParrott Button remains uncustomizable, it arrives pre-configured with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie functionality.

Effectively suppresses 96% of ambient noise*, ensuring crystal-clear communication in any environment, regardless of external disturbances.

Sustain uninterrupted conversations with an extended battery lifespan. Seamlessly link with two mobile devices concurrently, enhancing your connectivity convenience. Stay connected and communicate effortlessly.

A simple tap on the BlueParrott Button initiates instant one-on-one or group discussions, catering to teams seeking efficient real-time communication. The B450-XT headsets seamlessly integrate with various Push-to-Talk solutions, including Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie, Zebra Workforce Connect Voice, Zello, and an array of others, ensuring versatile compatibility for your communication needs.

Performance Evaluation

As I reflect upon my experience with the BlueParrott B450-XT, I am compelled to commend its remarkable upgrades tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern life. This wireless headset has truly embraced the ethos of “more” – more talk time, an extended wireless range, enhanced comfort, and advanced features that seamlessly integrate into my daily routine, ensuring I remain connected and at ease throughout the day.

One of the standout features is the substantial wireless range, granting me the freedom to move and engage in conversations without being tethered to my paired devices. The headset’s impressive wireless reach of up to 300 feet/100 meters (dependent on a Class 1 device) has truly redefined my communication experience. Moreover, the thoughtful design enhancements, including larger and more comfortable ear cushions and a durably padded headband, have made extended wear an absolute pleasure.

Undoubtedly, the longevity of the BlueParrott B450-XT’s battery life has been a game-changer. With over 24 hours of talk time on a single charge, I have the confidence to tackle even the most demanding of days without fretting about running out of power. The USB-C charging further adds to the convenience, simplifying the charging process across my various devices.

Embracing technological advancements, the BlueParrott App has opened up a realm of possibilities. Firmware upgrades and feature selection have become effortless, and the integration with the BlueParrott Button is a testament to personalized control. Access to favorite functions such as muting, speed dial, and Push-to-Talk is just a tap away, aligning the headset experience with my preferences.

Equally impressive is the headset’s resilience, marked by its IP54-rated protection against dust and moisture. This robustness makes it an ideal companion for various scenarios, from bustling retail environments to warehouse operations and even trucking.

My journey with the BlueParrott B450-XT has been nothing short of transformative. Its commitment to elevating functionality, comfort, and versatility has truly resonated with my lifestyle. The headset’s ability to seamlessly integrate into my routine, while offering a spectrum of innovative features, has undoubtedly solidified its place as a dependable and indispensable tool for the modern professional on the move.


  1. Extended Range: Enjoy wireless freedom with a range of up to 300 feet, perfect for staying connected on the move.
  2. Long Battery Life: With over 24 hours of talk time, the B450-XT keeps conversations flowing throughout the day.
  3. Fast Charging: USB-C charging ensures quick and hassle-free recharging, streamlining your device management.
  4. Enhanced Comfort: Experience all-day comfort with plush ear cushions and a durable headband design.
  5. App Integration: The BlueParrott App allows for easy updates and personalized settings, adapting to your preferences.
  6. Easy Access: The customizable BlueParrott Button grants swift control over key functions like mute and speed dial.
  7. Rugged Build: Built to withstand dust and moisture, the headset excels in challenging environments.


  1. Microsoft Teams Limitation: The pre-programmed BlueParrott Button may have limited customization for Microsoft Teams users.
  2. Device Dependency: Optimal wireless range relies on using a Class 1 device, requiring consideration for compatibility.
  3. Bluetooth Variation: Performance may vary based on device compatibility, necessitating proper pairing for seamless connectivity.
  4. Limited Personalization: While the BlueParrott Button offers convenience, some users may desire more customization options.

In conclusion, the BlueParrott B450-XT stands out for its extended range, durable build, and long-lasting battery. While platform-specific customization is limited, its overall performance and user-friendly features make it a reliable choice for effective communication.

By participating in the Amazon Associates program, I may earn commissions on qualifying purchases made through the provided links.

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